Grocery Tours

Grocery tours are the perfect opportunity to learn how to read food labels, understand ingredients and learn about selecting optimum nutrition choices. Our grocery tour program designed to help individuals learn strategies one-on-one to select healthier choices.

During our time together, we will be going over several important points of nutrition such as reading food labels, ingredient lists, strategies to select healthier choices, grocery food psychology and learning how to eat healthy on a budget.

Where do we go and for how long?

Our local Safeway (Chehalis) has partnered with our nutrition team to host grocery tours. If you prefer another grocery store, an individualized tour to your favorite store can be provided (if store allows).

Our group tour can take up from 1-2 hours depending in the amount of questions individuals have and the size of the grocery store.

Meal Planning

Our 4-week meal plan is meant to help you learn food combinations, portion sizing and selecting better food choices. Our nutrition and dietetics specialist will create a meal plan specifically for you.

What our plan includes:

— Two 30-minute one-on-one sessions w/ nutritionist

— 4-week meal plan (can be extended)

— Use of our nutrition software that keeps you connected with your nutrition team. This web-based programming can also connect your FitBit! Our nutrition software, Healthie, is HIPPA compliant to protect your privacy.

Sports Nutrition

Katia, Thorbeckes Nutrition Director, also works with our competitive athletes at Thorbeckes Athletic Performance. Ask about a sports nutrition session for your student athlete today!

Check out our dedicated total athletic performance program for competitive athletes at

The TAP program includes athletic training and nutrition services, as well as sports vision training, sport-specific training plans, mental skills training, NCAA education, and unlimited recovery services at Pacific Sports Spa.

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